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The Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO)

The Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO) was founded on June 23, 1969 by agreement between the National University at Bahía Blanca (UNS), National Research Council in Argentina (CONICET) and the Argentinean Army. The foundational antecedent was the former Oceanographic Institute, created in 1957 by UNS. The foundational agreement has been confirmed on September 2007 by UNS and CONICET. It is not only committed to scientific research, but also performs High Level Technology Services (STAN) and consulting.

IADO conducts multidisciplinary studies concerning several sea sciences related subjects, offering to the scientists fully equipped laboratories and providing assistance to official and privates institutions in a wide range of oceanographic studies.

IADO is appreciated within the scientific community as a unique seaside oceanographic institution given the interdisciplinarity of the research projects, centered round the following topics: Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Physic, Marine chemistry, Marine Geophysics, Meteorology and Instrumental development.

IADO has agreements with other institutions to advance in scientific tasks related to the own activities. Within that framework IADO developed research projects with other institutes belonging to CONICET and other national and international research institutions.

It  works in coordination with other institutions in training human resources, such as pre and postgraduate students, etc. In this sense, the researchers at IADO have directed numerous doctoral candidates at UNS, on topics related to oceanography in their different orientations.


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